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Connect with students, teachers and parents at the right time and manage a wide variety of data through effective use of custom dashboards & reports.


Create a collaborative environment for students, faculty & administration and improve productivity & efficiency of your organization.


Transform learning in exciting new ways to empower teachers, engage students, streamline processes and increase adoption with digital tools.

Why Mozzineems?

Mozzine ems is elegant in its operational concept of a 'Service Oriented Approach'. The distributed and synchronized data provides the source of information needed for student, parent, staff and management at a much higher speed. It is designed to speed up various tasks across the educational institution system and offers modules from student robust features that benefit educators, parents, students, and staff. An education ERP solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, mozzineems automates the entire student life cycle integrating admissions, registration, student billing, financial aid, student services and more into a single system that even includes built-in, self-service portals, all operating on a single, secure shared database.

Mozzineems integrates all departments, faculty, students, and other stake holders. It enables everyone to benefit from readily available data shared in real-time, boosting efficiency and reducing the number of systems an institution maintains, all while also eliminating redundant data.

EMS helps administration manage all aspects of educational organization. See Pricing

Advantages of Mozzine EMS

MozzineEMS provides organizations a simple yet powerful cloud-based management system. It helps all stakeholder to get most out of educational activities while simplifying the administration task.

Advantages for Management

Mozzine-Ems provides the foundational tools & capabilities you need to quickly & cost effectively streamline the way you communicate with your school community and manage information.
It helps your organization to grow and transform in an efficient way. Better insight enables you to adjust business processes to lower costs and improve productivity for better outcomes.
Mozzine-Ems makes smarter decisions faster with rich contextual and role-specific information that drives automation and streamlines execution.

Advantages for Teachers

Mozzine EMS inbuilt functionality assists in increasing productivity & efficiency of teachers by automating & streamlining most of their processes. It facilitates teachers to invest more time & efforts in strategic matters and teaching students, than to carry out tedious admin tasks. It also removes ambiguity and duplication of work process and reduces back & forth flipping of papers which ultimately results in efficient staff performance.
Teacher module helps teachers in managing all their HR details such as attendance, time table, meetings, grades, salary details etc. The software provides unified view of employee’s occupational and financial information to the management and HR.

Advantages for Students

Mozzine-Ems provides students a correct path to walk on. Students can concentrate on their studies in a better way than ever before. Can be updated with their assignments grades and results.
Timely results help students to improve their capabilities and make them more computable. They can access their reports, assignment, attendance, timetable from any web based device anywhere, anytime.
The rich user interface experience of mozzine ems gives students access to lots of useful data & information. With the right information & useful data, they can be more productive.

Advantages for Parents

Parent module is crafted for all the academic & non-academic activities of their child.
This module bridges the gap between school and the parents. Parents can interact with faculty & management directly. They can look out their child timetable, daily schedule, exams report, weekly attendance.
Mozzine EMS increases transparency and reduces communication gaps among school authorities and parents and plays a key role in strengthening relationship among them. Its interactive interface with web-enabled features keeps parents informed of school calendar, PTM Agenda and facilitates knowledge sharing which are crucial for student’s progress. This helps teachers to address each individual parent personally which adds to their satisfaction.

Key Feature

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Automates Academics & Administration

Automates entire process of your school related to academics and administration. The best of information technology helps you in manageing most of your school activities, resulting in increased overall efficiency.

Learning Management System

Entire life cycle of any course offered by the institute. It contains topic planning, using course materials, online assessments, e-books, student projects, discussion forums, student/ staff time table etc.

Staff Management (HR & Payroll)

The entire life cycle of your staff can be managed in our application very efficiently. This includes attendance status, staff performance, tracking payroll, leave management, reports, and many other daunting tasks.

Examination Management

Conducting an examination in any institution is a essential task. Mozzine Ems has all the functionality necessary for these activities.

Portal Login

Empowers every stakeholder of the school by bringing the best of information technology. Portal login for student, parent, administrator, teacher, front office and librarian to manage their respective activities and tasks.

Complete Student Life cycle Activities

Efficiently manages entire life cycle of students Like- enquiry, admission, attendance, fees, time-table, syllabus, homework, exam, result, discipline, library, transport and hostel.

Power of Cloud Computing

Offers offsite infrastructure of cloud computing with embedded ability to expand infinitely. Completely scalable & flexible best of the breed automation solution- accessible on any device, from anywhere, at any time.

Efficient Communication

Extends schools capability to connect and collaborate with students, parents and staff through streamlined communication tools like SMS and Email. Keeps them informed of all important activities through instant alerts.

Intelligent Analytics & Intuitive Reporting

Strategically facilitates authorities to get better insight and control over academics & administration management of their school. Intelligent analytics and intuitive reporting accelerates decision-making processes.